Mountain Man Olympic, my first Triathon

Post race report

First off thanks to all the Race Tucson folks for being such a great and varied group of role models as I entered into this ‘multi-sport’ thing. What a great group of people Brian and Stephanie have brought together. A special thanks to Bob Bennen for taking the time down at Patagonia Lake not for just the invite to go down for some more open water time but also to take the time to show me how to lay out the transitions and the ‘whys’ about all the little things he does. Thanks for Josh Reddoch for being a good room-mate and showing me that nervous obsession about checking lists and mental prep is ‘normal’. Thanks to Brian for all the little bits of wisdom and practicing those little aspects of the race, so when the time came and I was foggy out of the water, it all just happened. Now for the meat (or core protein for non-carnivores among you) of the race report. Continue reading Mountain Man Olympic, my first Triathon

Mojave Death Race

This past weekend I raced in one of the best events I can remember, the Mojave Death Race. It was a race like no other I have ever done, there was class all the way from the organizers to the teams all competing in the half kilter nature of the race. IT was hard, it was hot and it was fantastic. I am still working on more to say but this should get you started.

Another restart…

I am not sure what the new start on this blog will result in… I am hoping to post more photos, and to perhaps share more about what is going on in the family and around Tucson. I am still struggling with the lack of value that my state puts on education and the long term impact that will have on my kids and the region that I have grown to love. With the 1% sales tax for education about to expire and the proposition to extend it indefinitely tied up in the courts I do hope that the can come back to life if it ever comes to the ballot. Cross your fingers.

Vote Yes On Prop 100 | Feature | Tucson Weekly

Vote Yes On Prop 100 | Feature | Tucson Weekly

If the sales tax does not pass, lawmakers won’t look for a more equitable tax. Instead, they’ll take it as a mandate that voters want more cuts%u2014and they will proceed accordingly.
We already know what they will cut if the sales tax does not pass. They will cut another $428 million from education. They will cut $107 million from our universities. They will cut about $150 million from health-care funding. They will cut $100 million from the criminal-justice system. And the list goes on.
Those cuts will mean the state will lose another 13,000 jobs, according to economists at the UA Eller College of Management. On top of that, we’ll lose more than $442 million in federal matching funds that would bring new dollars into our economy.

Take the time, talk to your friends, our kids can not afford this, we can not afford this, our state’s long term prospects can not afford this


But we don’t have those choices. Instead, we have lawmakers who can’t wait to cut even more as soon as you give them an excuse. They’re the ones who are telling you to vote against the sales tax so they can get on with the slicing and dicing of everything that Arizona taxpayers have built over the last 100 years.

If the sales tax fails, the people who want to destroy our state win.

Save the state of Arizona. Vote yes on May 18.?


100 Stands For Arizona | When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

100 Stands For Arizona | When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

100 Stands for Education

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Stand with other Arizona children and parents to raise awareness of the crisis in K-12 education and to support Proposition 100. On May 8, 2010, be one of the 100 Stands for Education selling lemonade to support Arizona public education and to spread the message: YES on 100.

This family-friendly program benefits local schools and gets the word out on the importance of Prop 100 to public education. All lemonade sale proceeds are donated to the local public school of your choice.