How to make sexy buttons with CSS

How to make sexy buttons with CSS:

Filed in Simple Tips & How To: How to make sexy buttons with CSS is a great little technique for making attractive buttons. It uses a simple and straightforward approach, too.

Ok I am sure lance can do this, but if I need to make a nice little button somewhere later I am sure it will be good to have this to look up….

(Via css help pile.)

One thought on “How to make sexy buttons with CSS”

  1. Since the “buttons” will probably end up being form submit inputs or the like, I wish he’d done the tutorial using “real” markup like input type=button instead of the anchor element… but the CSS part is well done.

    Except when you open in Safari and it looks like… browser chrome (which isn’t bad looking, it just deflates some of that hard work you’ve put in to the custom styles).

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