Restlet – Lightweight REST framework for Java

Restlet – Lightweight REST framework for Java:

Restlet is a lightweight REST framework for Java. It helps you build Web applications that blur the lines between Web sites and Web services by embracing REST, the architectural style of the Web. As every major REST concept has a corresponding Java class, the mental mapping between your RESTful Web design and your code is straightforward.

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Beta Beat: Mac Mozy Online Backup opens public beta

Beta Beat: Mac Mozy Online Backup opens public beta:

Mozy is a secure online backup service from Berkeley Data Systems. Today, Mozy introduced a public beta for Mac users, offering a Universal binary that runs on both Power PC and Intel systems. Mac Mozy provides both full- and incremental-backups and allows you to schedule those backups for specific times or to wait for when your computer is idle. Berkeley offers two basic plans to choose from. You can store up to 2 GB of data for free or, if you need more space, $5/month provides unlimited backup space.

I’m testing it out now, seems very well executed.

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CSSEdit 2.5 Rocks

In among all the hype for the new kid on the block. One of my favorite apps for a task I am notoriously poor at CSSEdit Has just updated to 2.5 and my is it lovely. This is a great implementation of good thinking. Check out the April 1 Blog post for some GREAT NEWS :-) Improvements include:

  • Tabs. Yes, this one may not come as a surprise anymore. However, I am sure you will be quite surprised once you try them out. Pictures simply don’t do them justice.
  • X-ray Inspector. This must absolutely be the most popular feature request of all time. Lo and behold, here it is: the X-ray inspector shows you what styles apply to the selected element in X-ray
  • Selector Builder. Selector what? This is a brand new innovation that should make life much, much easier for anyone starting out with CSS (or teaching it). Define your selectors in plain English, and it generates the necessary code for you.
  • Various improvements all over the application: a navigation bar in the Preview, a font picker, selector CodeSense, a text shadow editor, brand new shiny wonderful HUD inspectors, etc. Major changes everywhere!

Some reviews below the fold…

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Defending Against the CanSecWest Mac Exploit: Turn Off Java

Defending Against the CanSecWest Mac Exploit: Turn Off Java:

Thomas Ptacek has the scoop: Dino Dai Zovi’s winning exploit in the CanSecWest contest involves Java. It is not specific to Safari; Firefox – and, I presume, Camino – are also vulnerable. Turning off Java in your browser should defend against it.

In a comment on Ptacek’s weblog entry, Dai Zovi himself writes:

With any 0day bug, there is a ton of conflicting information in what it is in and what is affected. I obviously don’t want to say too much so as to hint as to where the bug is until a patch is released. I will say that applying slightly paranoid web browser configuration changes will prevent this vulnerability from being exploited.

And no, I have not been sitting on this exploit, I really did find the vulnerability and write the exploit that night. I got lucky. I have spent way more time not finding bugs many other times.


So the apple exploit is more of an exploit in Apple’s JVM, wonder when the last time I had something use java from the browser (we used to use something in DigitalFusion but recently changed that)

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