TidBITS: System 7 Pro Ships

TidBITS: System 7 Pro Ships:

Apparently, more than 70 applications already support AppleScript’s desktop automation capabilities, including Excel, FileMaker Pro, PageMaker, and QuarkXPress. Through the use of CE Software’s QuicKeys, still more applications can be manipulated with AppleScript. Meanwhile, more than 35 third-party companies have already announced applications that support PowerTalk. Examples include personal gateways that link PowerTalk users to other messaging services, such as voice, fax, paging, and online services; software agents that can be assigned to perform a variety of tasks for users automatically; and team-productivity applications that create custom workflow solutions, such as scheduling, calendaring, and automating approval and document reviews.

So last night at our local Geek Meet, Face and I were reminiscing a little about how forward thinking apple was with PowerTalk, Open Collaboration Environment and the Desktop Automation and OS 7 Pro. Ahhh another apple tool that may finally of found it’s time….

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