Other Web Apps for Organizing Meetings

Other Web Apps for Organizing Meetings:

Regarding the aforelinked Diarised, a bunch of readers sent in links to other web apps for helping teams agree on meeting times, including MeetWithAproval, Meet O Matic, and Doodle.

Played with the Diarsed today pretty and cool, very simple does what it needs to.

[update] ok the others actually are pretty lame compared to this Diasired, add Time Zones to the choices and it’s the one for me.

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cakemac is a project by James Coletti with the goal to provide a pre-configured package with everything you need to build cake applications (i.e. Apache, MySQL, PHP, and CakePHP) on a mac. If you are a mac user this project may be interesting for you.

This could be nice clean way for people to get set up, wonder if he might want a cocoa front end to bake… been thinking of playing with making one…

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Fenêtres Volantes 1.0

Fenêtres Volantes 1.0:

Screensaver for Mac OS X that takes your open windows and sends them spinning and flying about your screen, like weightless objects in outer space; they snap back into place when you dismiss the saver. Freeware. (Thanks to Ian Roberts.)

This is lovely to look at, though sometimes there is way way way too many windows with source code flying around, make me wonder, ooo when was the last time I saved… checked in my source…. backed up…

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SCPlugin Back from the DEAD scplugin.tigris.org

SCPlugin for Mac OS X is universal and being developed :

The goal of the SCPlugin project is to integrate Subversion into the Mac OS X Finder. The inspiration for this project came from the TortoiseSVN project. Current Features: * Support for Subversion. * Access to commonly used source control operations via contextual menu [screenshot] * Dynamic icon badging for files under version control. Shows the status of your files visually. [screenshot]

there are some good new features and a quick test here on my ppc mini and my intel imac and it looks pretty good.