Learn CSS Positioning in Ten Steps

Learn CSS Positioning in Ten Steps:

Filed in For Beginners: Learn CSS Positioning in Ten Steps tackles explaining CSS positioning with a clever and easy to understand tutorial that progresses from static positioning to more advanced topics like using floats and clearing. This is great for anyone new to creating CSS-driven layouts.

good way to get started it all builds from this

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Lightbox v2.0 released

Lightbox v2.0 released:

lightbox version 2.0Lokesh Dhakar has released version 2.0 of his nifty JavaScript image tool, Lightbox.

What’s New in Version 2.0

  • Image Sets: group related images and navigate through them with ease
  • Visual Effects: fancy pants transitions
  • Backwards Compatibility: yes!

The effects are nicely done, and look very similiar to what the guys at alwaysBeta did with it, with the spinning progress indicator. There is also the large close box in the lower right corner, but I’m curious as to why its not in the upper right corner to remain consistent with standard GUI conventions.

cool beans this is fun thing, glad it got updated

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From DHTML to DOM scripting – an hands-on example of how to replace outdated JavaScript techniques.

From DHTML to DOM scripting – an hands-on example of how to replace outdated JavaScript techniques.:

On the following page you will find an article that was initially commissioned by a Webzine for publication and deemed not fit for release for the audience it was intended to. As I am too busy with my book to rewrite it (this is already the 2nd version) I chose to not bother and simply give it out to you folks independently of a webzine.

Ok I want to read this, but man oh man where will I find the time…..

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In Progress: Logo Design

In Progress: Logo Design:

With a bit of luck and good fortune, I’ve found myself working alongside rockstar Jason Santa Maria on the revival of a newspaper more than 200 years old, the National Gazette. First, a bit of background on the National Gazette: The original newspaper from the 1790s was sponsored by Thomas Jefferson and ran semiweekly to fight back against the Federalist Party. The paper inadvertently helped create the modern political party by forming an infrastructure based off the paper’s circulation. The rebirth of the National Gazette this time will be in website form and will attempt to take a more non-partisan voice to politics. First up? The logo.

One thing that fascinates me is the process of creating logs. I am not a designer at all, so for me it is cool to see how they work. Really any process exposed is facinating

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PimpStar rims for the opinionated driver

PimpStar rims for the opinionated driver:

the PimpStar wheels incorporate a microprocessor and wireless modem so you can configure your picture, logo, or message from your laptop while you’re driving (although the rest of us would prefer that you utilitize the slideshow option instead). We’ll agree that $19,500 is a lot for a set of wheels and tires, but we’d also argue that nothing impresses both the homies and the hunnies quite like twenty-six-inch rims blazing the bright blue "e" logo as you creep down the mean streets of Silicon Valley or Silicon Alley pumping the latest podcast. Make sure to follow the Read link for a pretty crunk vid of these crazy rims wildin’ out.

Colin’s next set of rims…

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