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I really am getting to the point where I need to ‘get with the deal’ I am seeing a real need to begin to get off my lazy butt and start looking at test driven design in a more formal way. Does anyone have any good real world reference material ideas. I really don’t want something to theoretical, nor do I want something that is too tied to one language. I’m also curious about test driven design with projects with a lot of DB interaction.


Cross Browser DHTML Modal Dialogs For Web Apps | Sublog

Cross Browser DHTML Modal Dialogs For Web Apps | Sublog

The subModal works by placing a semi-transparent div over the browser, blocking access to the content below while still providing visibility. This maintains state and doesn’t make someone feel disoriented or lost by moving them completely to another page. Their frame of reference is kept while allowing them to perform a new task (usually closely associated with the content below).

this is a really clean and pretty technique, is it workable enough for my projects, I hope so.

Oh my o my it is gonna be a scorcha

OK, let me just say that it could be hotter here this weekend then it was all last summer. How hot? Predictions range from 108 – 111 Fahrenheit. It’s a dry heat you say, like a friggen oven I say.

Dave gets lectured, Yea Dave!

I get a yet another lecture…:

A picture named boringBoring.gifI get a yet another lecture from Boing Boing. I think they’re even calling me names (kind of hard to tell). They say respect is not a loaf of bread, cool, but how long has it been since Boing Boing pointed to Scripting News with anything remotely approaching respect?

I think that what I like the best about Dave is the way he seems to really piss people off. There is nothing more painful then a voice of truth that doesn’t care that he pisses people off.

I like Dave for digging the dirt, that being said I also like Adam. They will come to terms, but right now they need to make some waves to get beyond this stuff…

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Columns & Grids

Columns & Grids:

The difficulty of grid systems in web pages, the compromise of columns.

I seem to quite often go back and forth between creating organic layouts with intuitive proportions, and creating a grid that I can hang my various elements on. Lately I’ve been more interested in the latter. Frequently I’ve caught myself calculating in my head what 750 divided by 3 minus two 10px margins equals.

One of the larger problems in working with grids in web pages is that you often can’t do much about vertical proportions. Often your content is dynamic, so the best you can do is approximate. Throw in any compensation for font scaling, and it’s easy to lose any semblance of control over the way a layout expands downward.

A really nice summary of ways to think about and use css and columns to create a logical layout. Work reading if just for the pondering…

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CSS Formatter & Optimiser

CSS Formatter & Optimiser:

I’m not sure why it’s on the CDBurnerXP website, but this CSS Formatter and Optimiser is pretty handy. Cut and paste your code into the text box, select a setting between readability and compression, choose your sorting options and hit ‘Process CSS’. It even preserves my favorite ‘IE!important’ hack.

I have no idea why it’s on that site either, but it is a cool little tool.

(Via SitePoint’s Design Blog: Pixel Perfect.)