Trent Reznor Challenges Music Norms

Trent Reznor Challenges Music Norms:

alset_tech writes “Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails) has released the new single from NIN’s upcoming album as a GarageBand file for fan remixes. Though by no means the first time a major-label artist has released a track to the public for remix, this is the first time such a project has been as open to the common user. The repercussions to ‘traditional’ IP views in music could be beneficial to all. Note that the license agreement does not allow commercial use of the included sounds. From the download text: ‘What I’m giving you in this file is the actual multi-track audio session for ‘the hand that feeds’ in GarageBand format. This is the entire thing bounced over from the actual Pro Tools session we recorded it into. I imported and converted the tracks into AppleLoop format so the size would be reasonable and the tempo flexible.'”

Welll, I used to like NiN when I was younger… wonder if I still doooooooo

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Something New Part 1

Something New Part 1 We all know the [Select] is just plain ugly. In fact, many try to limit its use to avoid its classic web circa 1994 inset borders. We should not avoid using the [Select] though it is an important part of the current form toolset; we should embrace it. That said, some creative thinking can improve it.

Hole Drilled to Bottom of Earth’s Crust

Hole Drilled to Bottom of Earth’s Crust:

AtariAmarok writes “A new article is up on LiveScience about a hole drilled into the Earth’s crust to explore the layers of our planet’s substrate. The hole gets closer to the mantle than any other efforts that have gone before. The hole might reach the “Moho” (division between Earth’s brittle outer crust and the hotter, softer mantle) within a few years.” From the article: “he depth of the Moho varies. This latest effort, which drilled 4,644 feet (1,416 meters) below the ocean seafloor, appears to have been 1,000 feet off to the side of where it needed to be to pierce the Moho, according to one reading of seismic data used to map the crust’s varying thickness.”

moho has to be one of my favorite earth science words

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