Siracusa’s Mac OS X 10.4 Magnum Opus

Siracusa’s Mac OS X 10.4 Magnum Opus:

The Tiger release parties can officially start: John Siracusa’s review of Mac OS X 10.4 is up at Ars Technica. I was lucky enough to help proof-read a draft last week, and it’s just as good as his previous reviews: well written, keenly observed, technically dense, and a lot of fun.

At over 40,000 words, it’s more like a short book than a long article. And people say I write long articles? Required reading for any serious Mac user.

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Housecleaning Tips for Tiger

Housecleaning Tips for Tiger:

Is your Mac ready for a smooth transition to Tiger? Maybe you’re in need of a Spring housecleaning anyway. Check out these tidy tips from Derrick Story, then roll out the red carpet for Mac OS X 10.4.

Some good thoughts for the pending update. Now that I have two machines, I am planning on being both more aggressive and careful in my upgrade. BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!! can’t say that enough…


XLST Client Side

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Dave Hyatt’s blog will give you the complete details, but for now I want to point out one of the most exiting new features–client side XLST. We’ve been waiting a long time for this. XSLT is a transformation language that allows you to turn one XML document into different one. I know! Exciting, isn’t it! Seriously though, XSLT allows you put data in one spot and the transform it however you see fit in many different ways. This promotes a healthy separation of data and presentation. You can have one document with your data and a thousand document describing a thousand ways to present it. If you need to change your data, it’s a simple edit in one place. This is similar to what CSS allows you to do with HTML, but because XSL can transform the fundamental structure of the document it adds some impressive flexibility and power.

This is pretty cool you should look at the example

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