Flickr Gallery 0.4

Flickr Gallery 0.4:

Flickr Gallery 0.4: Plugin for WordPress. This one should be really cool. From what I can tell from the plugin, you post to Flickr and the plugin will get the photographs from Flickr, cache them locally and then post them on your blog. REST is used to make the API calls to Flickr to get the information. The coolest part of this plugin is that it incorporates the “Notes” of Flickr. This code can be used outside of WordPress as well since it really does not use any of the WordPress code.
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Ok been looking for this coolness

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Fishpong. Because coffee houses aren’t boring enough.

Fishpong. Because coffee houses aren’t boring enough.:


Leave it to MIT students to take pong and turn it into Fishpong, some new project designed to encourage “human-to-human interaction in informal social environments”. Because, you know, informal social environments need tabletop rehashes of 70s videogames in order to get us meatbags to interact. Oh, wait – there’s more.

You control it with the coffee mugs, kinda cool…

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