Your Teaching Skills: Worse Than You Think?

Your Teaching Skills: Worse Than You Think?:

Here’s something not on DV but squarely aimed at teachers: how effective is your presentation style? if you haven’t thought about it recently, it’s probably worse than you think.

How to Stand and Deliver (signal vs. Noise) recaps this November 2003 article from the Chronicle of Higher Education about effective methods for presenting to classes or groups: public speaking, in other words. The site with the first link, 37Signals, also posts notes on a lecture by Edward Tufte, the star of information design.

All too often students watch their instructors read their PowerPoint slides, an unconscious, implicit, and unacknowledged insult to their intelligence. I highly recommend these links and the thoughtful information within them to any one who speaks to more than two people at a time.

READ these.

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Rubik’s cube solver done in Lego


This robot solves the 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube®.

I started to think about this problem in about August of 2000. In Jan 2001 fellow Mindstorms forums user ‘agiecco’ announced his intention to work on a robotic solution and, simultaneously, I saw that Rubik’s Cubes were on sale at So I bought a couple of cubes and started getting down to business…

I produced a ‘late beta’ version in mid-April 2001 that was a little clunky. The final version (presented here) is smooth and fairly reliable.


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SimpleBits | The Anatomy of an Icon

SimpleBits | The Anatomy of an Icon:

Since releasing some icons of my own, I’ve received quite a few messages asking “how do you create an icon?”. Well, I can’t tell you how to create an icon — but I can tell you the steps I take to create an icon. There may be easier ways. There may be better ways. Here’s a quick look at the methods and techniques I used to create an icon from the Overcast set.

Good hints on a process for small icon creation, wish I was better at this…

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